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  1. Fujiupoma Jul 11, 2012

    LUV nekos

  2. Dancerinthedark Aug 13, 2011

    Hi Hi I'm new here^-^
    I love cats

  3. shallen11 May 30, 2011

    ... wew! i like cute cats... hahaha!

  4. Clover Oct 20, 2009

    hi there^^
    i just want to join this group, couse i have two favorites^^
    first of all catgirls, and then nearly followed by elfes

    merged: 12-15-2009 ~ 07:22am
    not really lifely here, there are so much new cat wallies,
    i think they should at least be added to the group page.

  5. excaliburer Jun 25, 2009

    kyaaa! cat! I love cat.. hehehe...
    btw, I'm new for this group... nice to meet you all...

  6. xpaulax Apr 19, 2009

    i love cat girls! :3

  7. zuhur Apr 16, 2009

    I like cats

  8. angelxxuan Banned Member Mar 25, 2009

    hiya all I'm new to the group I feel in love with neko about six months ago and then branched out from there into another animal type animes and art

  9. weird12u Feb 03, 2009

    i would love to join <3

  10. cayetanita Mute Member Nov 02, 2008

    Hello I'm cayetanita and I am a new member and I am glad to be here :D

  11. cherryblossomhikari Sep 30, 2008


  12. meanpunk7777 Aug 26, 2008

    everything's cute. join the cuties

  13. akirawen Restricted Member Apr 30, 2008

    How can i join the group?

  14. 678 Apr 05, 2008

    very cool!

  15. Hotaru-Kazuhiro Feb 28, 2008

    Can I join?...

  16. minianimegirl Dec 08, 2007

    my new wallpaper IE vs FIREFOX

    IE VS FIREFOX by minianimegirl

    i started a new group if your interested come and take a look

    and if its possible to set up an affiliation between this group and mine

    merged: 12-22-2007 ~ 10:08am

  17. quaestor Nov 27, 2007

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm just sorry to say that I've been in such a hurry in these days that I haven't been able to post. :(

    I hope that I have more time in the days to come.

    P.S.: I have problems when trying to mark images as favorite. When I try to do so this message appears: "Database Error

    The following errors occured:
    id: Variable id must be numeric."

    Can anyone explain to me why this happens?

  18. minianimegirl Nov 26, 2007

    cool i love cat girls

  19. Kagally Nov 11, 2007

    welcome quaestor =D ! Enjoy your stay here!

  20. Steffimon Oct 17, 2007

    Here is my newest wallie: Longing in me

  21. CaMiLi Jul 24, 2007

    Presenting my latest artwork : Sending my Hopes to Heaven

    merged: 08-10-2007 ~ 12:55am
    My Newest Submission:
    Symphony Orchestra

    for our beloved semanga :( may u rest in peace!

    merged: 08-26-2007 ~ 08:13pm
    Presenting my artwork : Sunrise Beauty

  22. Haven100 Jun 05, 2007

    Hey everyone^^ sorry I haven't been much active here, I've made a new banner for the group, I've started on some other stuff :)

  23. chikage-kekinha May 01, 2007

    My Newest Wall:
    *My Secret*

  24. Zaza4 May 01, 2007

    Need me help? Haven-kun...

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